Rechenka's Eggs

Rock 'n' Roll song - currently freezing.  Every class we have to do Tootie ta - must be a favorite. 
Rechenka's Eggs was such a fun book to use for lesson planning this week.  I didn't even look online for ideas, because I have a million crafts and games that have to do with eggs/Easter.  My mom has a small, OK large, fetish with eggs, so growing up we did lots and lots of fun things with eggs. 
Ava wanted to try to blow out her own egg after preschool, so I let her blow out her own egg after preschool.  
 While we were reading the story, and I asked if anyone had seen their moms blow out an egg.  Much to my surprise, NONE of them had seen it (minus Ava and Grant).  I thought blowing out eggs was something everyone did at Easter time.  Obviously, my crazy mom was the only one that painstakingly (it's starts to hurt your ears after awhile because of all that pressure going through a small hole) did this for us. Anyway, I decided to change my activity and show them how to blow out an egg, like Babuska did in the book.  The kids were amazed! :)  Afterward, I let them all throw the hollow egg in the air and watch it fall without cracking.
 Ava got a little overzealous and hit the ceiling with it so it did crack a little. 
For math we used an egg carton to help with number recognition.  I drew numbers in each egg slot and then added a couple marbles to the carton.  Each kid got to shake the carton and wherever the marbles landed, they had to tell me what numbers were in that egg slot.

 "Only 4 kids (generous, considering I always grew up thinking the rule was 2 at a time - which we never obeyed either) on the tramp at a time.  If you add all the balls, only 3 kids at a time".
Obviously, they don't obey that well. 7 kids and the balls (at one point all 9 kids, and all the balls were on there). :)
 For our craft on Tuesday we made paper mache bird nests. No pictures from the actual making of the nests, because it was SUPER messy.  I was so happy when they dried and they actually worked.
 Phonics lesson. Egg hunt for eggs with "E's".
 Some of our eggs had "E's" and some did not.  They are getting so smart and recognize most of the letters now.
Thursday we used the same egg carton for math, but this time we added the 2 numbers together that the marbles landed in.
Thursday's craft was creating beautiful eggs, just like Babuska did in the book.  Logan, was very into making his egg look nice, and even spent most of outside play, inside covering every last spot on his egg. Cute kid.
 They all did such a great job.  I hope they like their nests, egg and little chick. 

I can't believe this was my last week with these kids. I know it's cliche, but I can't believe they are going to kindergarten in a few months!! Crazy!  It's been so fun having them.  They are a great bunch of kiddos.

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