The Carrot Seed

  The timing of this book was perfect. The weather was just starting to get warm and we could be outside. Royce had just planted our garden. I tried to teach the kids about how a carrot grows. 
That a carrot grows under the ground and not above like a flower. 

The first project we worked on was matching some upper case letter carrots
 to the lower case letter on the wheelbarrow.
 It was a good thing Grandma was there to help, the kids were a little lost.

I then had the kids move right into math. Each preschooler had a big wheelbarrow and a few cut out carrots. I would tell them a number and then the preschooler would put the right amount of carrots in the wheelbarrow. The last time I give them a short word problem and they were able to follow it.

For the arts we painted a carrot. I loved that each carrot was completely different!!

He was very concerned where he was going to put the top of his carrot in the picture. I had bought some carrots with tops and showed him that the top can be on the side. That solved the problem!






On Thursday I had the preschooler work on tracing. We followed the water lines to the flowers. We then had a talk on what plants need to grow. They traced the books and then did a little coloring.

For the arts we planted a plant. My thought was that carrots are very hard to grow 
so I had each preschool plant a flower.

Hopefully some have the plants grew.