Duck on a Bike

April 30, 2012 and May 2, 2012 we read the book Duck on a Bike. Duck had fun riding a bike on the farm. It wasn't very long before all the farm animals were riding bikes. The kids had fun playing with Fisher Price farm animals.

During Writer's Workshop, Emily helped the kids think of things to write about. Writer's Workshop is my favorite preschool activity. The kids are creative with their writing and drawings about the exciting things in their lives like getting a new bunk bed or proclaiming their love for ice cream. By the end of the school year the kids really seemed to learn how to write a short sentence.

We pretended to ride our bikes around the farm and look for turkeys that walk around in our neighborhood.

Emily and the kids had a contest to see who could write their name the most. The girls were very competitive and wrote their names several times. The boys wrote their names five times and called it good.

All the kids worked on their packet of farm activities. The kids were great with the dot-to-dot and maze pages. They had fun matching the baby animals to the mommy animals.

The kids decorated farm animals with sparkles, paint, glitter, and feathers. They were the cutest animals on the farm!

We had a great time making barns. Everyone was very unique in designing their barn. We glued on sticks and glitter. We also glued on some hay for the animals to eat. I think the kids had the most fun putting on all the animal stickers. We had some pretty crowded barns!

The Grouchy Ladybug

On February 15, 2012 and February 22, 2012 we had a great time reading the Grouchy Ladybug! We talked about what makes us grouchy. Here we are showing our grouchy faces:

We played a counting/memory game with ladybug spots. We all took home our own game.

Next we took a nature walk to see if we could find any ladybugs. We did not find any ladybugs, but we had fun running around outside!

After the nature walk we made ladybug clocks. The kids learned how to tell time with the hour and half hour. They were impressive!

Our phonics lesson for the week was J and K. Here the kids are Jumping for Joy with Jingle Bells. It was a fun and noisy lesson.