Sick Policy and Food Allergies

If your child has had any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours, he or she needs to stay home:
  • Green snotty nose
  • Fever
  • Horrible coughing or sneezing (use your best judgement)
  • He needs someone else to wipe his nose
  • Unexplained rash
If your child or ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD has had the following, please strongly consider keeping your child home (we trust your judgement if you think the issues are teething, overeating, etc.)
  • Throwing up
  • High fever
  • Horrible rash all over their body :-)
  • Anything else that would generally indicate a highly contagious virus that we all want to avoid.
If you need to cancel preschool because you or your child is sick, please do your best to give adequate notice. In most cases, the person who is scheduled to immediately follow you will trade with you, but if if is the very last minute, we may have to cancel.

Food Allergies
Margaret: avoid sugar and dairy
Also, here are some easy snacks that Meggie enjoys and I (believe) also work for Logan:
  • grapes, berries, apple wedges, pears, bananas (cut is best for no waste), peaches, melon-- any fruit, really
  • carrots, sugar snap peas, celery, cucumber
  • dips: hummus
  • chips: tortilla chips, potato chips, plantain chips (Trader Joe's), veggie straws, popcorn (i used coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter)
For parties or special occasions where there will be sugar, let me know and I'll try to provide something for her or we'll just decide to go with the sugar that day.
Food List for Logan
Okay I know this is going to seem like a lot of things he can’t have and that is because well, there is.  With that being said…please, please, please let me know if there is something special you wanted to have I can either tell you where to get it for Logan or bring it myself.  I have no problem doing this at all I just want make sure that you are all comfortable asking me.
• Nuts (all nuts, please, please be careful with this one.  This is a life threatening allergy)
• Dairy (everything including butter, he will have anaphylactic reactions as well) I am okay with dairy around just please make sure to wash hands after snack
• Eggs
• Gluten (still an allergy but if he eats a wheat thin he will be okay)
• Soy (he won’t have anaphylactic reactions but he is really sensitive to this)
• Corn (he can have some, but not TONS. So if you do corn chips or popcorn for snack just let me know so I can limit that the rest of the week)

Also when purchasing a product, it is okay if it is manufactured on the same equipment or same facility.  If it says may contain traces of any dairy or nut that is not okay.

Logans favorite snacks
Fruit; bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cuties...pretty much any fruit he will eat.
Chips: potato, corn (we try to limit this), platains (trader Joes's), rice cakes
Dips: hummus