Caps for Sale


Caps for Sale was a fun book for the kids to read. They all loved it. I love doing the songs 
with the kids they enjoy dancing around and being silly.

The music was Tooty Ta. Of course they loved to put their bottoms up!!

We learned a little about money. They each got a handful of coins and noticed how different 
each one is the color, the size, the faces and building on them. Then we did a cute work sheet 
on counting pennies.

All the kids did a great job with counting!

The craft was to paint and decorate caps. The kids love to paint. I thought they each did a great job keeping the paint on top. They got to add a few puff balls to the side.

Here are the cute busy bees with their caps on!

Random cute girl that joins the group!

Trevor, cute Trevor, would not put his cap on.

The next day we worked on patterns. I first made some patterns with blocks and they told me what came next. Then each kid had a turn to tell there friends what color square came next. 
The kids did great.

Then they got to make there own pattern with the hats. It didn't work like I had planned.

Then of course our monkey craft. The kids loved putting them together and adding their own faces.


The Big Green Pocketbook

 My last week of preschool.  Crazy!!
This week we read The Big Green Pocketbook.  Cute story.  After reading the book, I had some grand ideas, but since my sewing machine was buried in the rubble of our kitchen remodel, those grand ideas didn't happen.  I really wanted to make them each a big green hobo sack (like I did last year), and put all the things from the story in their bags.  Oh well, maybe next year.
 Instead we made Mother's Day presents (which we didn't get to the mom's until after we got back from vacation - they took forever to dry).
 My sister-in-law gave me this awesome clay, and I was saving it for an occasion like this.

 Sorry, Luke's is blurry.  The kids punched it down to their desired shape, and then I helped them make their hand imprints.  They also wrote their own names (minus Margaret, who was off to play by then).

 When preschool is at my house, I don't even bother doing Ava's hair. :)
 Eating my carrots from the garden for snack.

 They had a 'ball' (no pun intended) with this game they made up.
 I can't believe it's been an entire year.  These kids have been so much fun. 

It's Not Easy Being A Bunny

We read, or rather watched, the book It's Not Easy Being A Bunny.  I was supposed to do Babar this week, but I didn't have the book and it was the night before, so I needed to find a different book.  I had an Easter craft I wanted to do, so I just found a book about bunnies. 
I thought this book was really cute.  It's about a bunny who doesn't like to eat his vegetables, so he thinks it would be much easier to be a different animal.  He tries to be different animals throughout the book, and ultimately realizes that he actually likes being a bunny.

 The kids drew a picture of an animal they wanted to be, if they weren't a kid. :)

 They all gravitate to the trampoline for outside play.
 We colored salt dough Easter egg ornaments.

 Started our Easter bunny craft.

 Thursday: talked about foods we don't like to eat and food we do like to eat.  
The kids making their favorite food out of play dough. 
Finished up our Easter bunny craft.  
Each unique and very cute.


Bel Air Market Field Trip

 Sorry, I'm really slow at getting my posts done, and now that I'm trying to get caught up, blogger is giving me problems.  Go figure.  
A few weeks ago we went on our last field trip to a local supermarket - Bel Air.
 The store manager, Bill, usually doesn't do the tours, but he said he has a 4 year-old little boy, and thought this would be fun.  First he took us to the produce department.
 We got to go to the "back" where all the fresh produce come to.  They let the kids try some local apple juice (from apple hill).  The produce manager explained how he orders and rotates the produce to keep everything fresh.
 Bill showing the kids where they store the cold items, like milk.
 Giant freezer
 Watching the box crusher mash the boxes into cubes.

 Meat department

 Bakery department - couldn't stay long here, because the kids wanted everything there! :)
 After the tour, the kids got a goodie bag with an apple, cookie and juice box.  Also the pharmacy gave them an activity book.
The kids love these field trips, and I think the moms enjoy them too. :)