Where The Wild Things Are

I love doing the music with them. They all enjoy singing and doing the hand motions! This week we read Where the Wild Things Are. Most of kids had read the book and really enjoyed it. After reading the book we talked about what is real and what is not real. Were the trees really growing in his room? 

I then had the kids review the noises the Wild Things made; roared terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth. I then handed out different kinds of instruments for the kids to try out. 

Next we tried out bells in different keys. I had the kids try to ring out some songs but 
that did not work very well.

 For math we made patterns with Wild Thing monsters. The kids did amazing with the patterns. 

For the craft we made some very cute Wild Thing heads. 

For centers the kids really did great. They all enjoyed being partners and got along well. We played Boggle, a matching game, worked out writing and shapes.

On Thursday we learned a little about some real "Wild Things". Bears hibernate in the winter, Butterflies start out as caterpillars and leopards run fast. For the math time we learned about before and after, on top and under and shapes.

In the book Max was made king of all Wild Things. So we all made king crowns like Max's. 


If you Give a mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  was a great book about what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.  The kids really loved it.  For our First day after we read the book, we talked about predictions.  We talked about the book and what we could predict happened next.  So for our activity we predicted if objects would sink or float in water.  Thumbs up for float and down for sink. Our Busy Bees had a great time with this, they did a really good job on predicting what would sink or float.

For snack on Tuesday we had grapes and oatmeal raisin cookies, just like our mouse in the book.

I love Ava's "in action shot" in this picture ;)

For our math lesson on Tuesday we worked on completing patterns, I was really surprised on how well they all did with this. Great Job Busy Bees!!!


We also talked about sorting.  We sorted cookies from largest to smallest, again they did great with this activity.

For our craft for Tuesday, I had them water color over an "M" taped on their paper, once they were done I peeled the tape off.  I had intentions to have them turn their "M" into a mouse but we just ran out of time that day.

On Thursday I was able to snap a few pictures of the kids during free play in the morning.  I had a water table out on my patio filled with rice that the kids played with.  During recess we went to a open blacktop area in my complex where they could all run around (this is fenced in so it made it easy on me!). No pictures of that sorry :(

On Tuesday while the kids were playing outside in the morning, Margaret was nursing a baby doll, I had to snap a picture of that :) I thought it was so cute!!!
After we read our book on Thursday we talked about what letter mouse started with and what letter cookie stared with.  We sorted "C" and "M" and the kids thought of words that stared with "C" and "M".

For our math lesson we talked about graphing and how we can track what happened the most and the least.  We  rolled a die and then marked what picture came up. This concept was a little bit of a reach but I think it was a good start.

For the art project we talked about what goes in a cookie to make it and then painted with salt.  First they made designs with glue, sprinkled salt on the glue.  After that we had food coloring and water and as they touch the colored water to the salt they could watch it move along the salt.

This week was great.  I learned A LOT!!!  All of the kids are so fun to have, each brings such a wonderful personality to the week.  I loved book look time at the end.  Everything could be wild and crazy and as soon as those books come out QUIET!!  They had so much fun looking/reading those books.