March 6th - Let's Count it Out Jesse Bear

We continued our week of "Let's Count it Out Jesse Bear" with some great activities. We missed Blake and Stewart, but we still enjoyed our time together. After we read the book, we started our bear masks for our activity. The kids were really excited to make their masks. 
After that, we were able to go outside again. The rain stopped for us. It's so nice to be able to go outside and get out a little energy. After snack time, we did our math activity. The kids did an addition activity with their do-a-dots. They did a great job. They are really starting to understand the concept of addition. 

The masks weren't quite dry by then to finish, so we switched things around a bit. We did centers and finished our masks afterward. 

The masks turned out really cute and the kids were excited to be able to take them home. It was fun to see each of them paint on the mouths and noses and put their own artistry into the mask. This is Tyson's mask, his is the only one I had a picture of, sorry :)

We had a few minutes left to do the phonics lesson. We talked about "X" again. The kids were pretty disappointed that there wasn't a treasure box to find, but we did get to have a fun discussion about X. Reading time is always great. Usually I end up with all of them around me on the couch making different requests for books for me to read. It's great. The perfect way to end a busy day of preschool!

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