Fire Station Field Trip

 Our last field trip was to the Fire Station.  
This was a much anticipated field trip, especially for most of the boys.  
First we saw their break room, office and kitchen.  We learned why they have 3 fridges (there are 3 shifts, and no one likes to share their ice cream, so each shift has it's own fridge).  While we were in the kitchen, the alarm went off and the dispatcher welcomed the busy bee preschool to the fire station.
 Next, we went to where the fire fighters sleep.  Then we went to where the kids wanted to go the entire time - fire trucks.  We learned the difference between a fire truck, brush rig and fire engine. 

 Feeling the shiny metal on the fire engine.
 Checking out all the cool axes and tools.  Of course the kids picked up on the fact that they have to break down doors.
 One of the fire fighters put on his garb for the kids to see.
 Once he put on his mask, and started talking through it, they all got a bit nervous.  I can see why little kids hide when they see fire fighters. 
 Love Evans face!  This was after he put on his mask.
 They got to touch all his equipment and uniform. They taught the kids that this is how they stay safe, and how the kids shouldn't be scared when they see a fire fighter dressed like that.
 Practicing the Stop, Drop and Roll routine. 
Trevor did NOT want to be in this picture.  (If any other moms have pictures, feel free to upload them.  I need to put my camera on sport mode when I'm shooting these guys.  Someone is always moving.) 
Of course Ava is out of focus, because she wouldn't hold still. 
 They got fire hats, safety books and stickers.  
I think the kids had a great time at the fire station.


The Snowy Day

This is the first time I have read the book and thought it was great. For the Activity we talked about what clothes we need to wear during the winter and the summer.  We then tried some winter clothes on. For the most part the kids did great. Stewart was unsure why he could not put the shorts 
in the winter time section.

I thought I had a great idea for snack- snow cones and powdered doughs and apples. I think I froze the kids with the snow cones but they did seem to like them. I decided to change the snack on Thursday.

For the craft we made snowman. The kids had fun putting the snowman together!!

On Thursday I had the crazy idea to play with shaving cream. The kids had a lot of fun but it was very messy! We tried to make different tracks in the shaving cream like Peter did from the book. I should have stuck to my original plan and gone to Tahoe.

Then for our craft we made a scene from the book. Peter walking down the street covered in snow. The kids loved putting snow/cotton balls on their projects.

 We worked on tracing the letter S for Snow and the kids did great with the tracing. 
We had a great week and  had a lot of fun.