Mike Mullegan and His Steam Shovel

 I had this book last year, so I thought it would be easy to just do the same thing.  However, I ended up switching weeks and it landed right after Valentines day.  I decided I didn't want ANYMORE junk food around the house, so I opted out of making the chocolate cakes to dig into (last year we dug squares out of chocolate cake just like Mike did in the story).  I knew the kids would love it, but if they didn't know about it, they didn't miss it....right?! 
So, for Tuesdays activity, we discussed different forms of matter.  We put a metal pan in the freezer while we read the book, and afterward we talked about what a solid, liquid and gas are.  Next we went to the kitchen for a little experiment.  We took an ice cube (solid), and melted it on a spoon over boiling water (liquid).  We also saw how the steam from the boiling water makes a gas.  The freezing pan also helped show the gas a little better (just held the cold pan over the steam and it makes the steam off the pan more prominent).  The kids really thought this was cool.
 Feeling the ice.

 For our craft on Tuesday we colored tractors (I cut them out and assembled them later).

 Our phonics letter was 'T', so after our phonics lesson we practiced writing the letter 'T' on the floor.  This cement floor has come in handy numerous times.  I promise I threatened them, that they can ONLY write on my floors.  
At some point Ava transformed into Belle.

 Thursday for our activity we talked about steam machines and how they work.  
I showed them a little clip of a steam shovel at work.  It looked just like Mary Anne from the book.
Our craft was painting our shape sticks.
 These dumb shape sticks were an awesome idea in my head, but I couldn't quite get them to work like I planned.  At first I tried super glue, but no bueno, it didn't stick at all.  Then I tried the hot glue gun which worked a little. The velcro stuck to the sticks, but a lot of them kept falling off.  Oh well. The kids thought they were cool for a little while. 
 I gave them a paper with different shapes on it, and we tried to replicate the shapes from the paper. 

 Tiptoeing around the "Tt's".
 Trevor laying on a 'T' pretending to be a 't'. :)
All of our 't's'. 
I promise I sweep that ugly cement floor.  It just looks disgusting, but it's clean. :)
It was a fun week.  The kids seem to really love being together and are getting so smart.  I can't believe they are almost kindergarteners!!

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