Panera Bread Field Trip

 Last month our field trip was to Panera Bread.  We started off with a tour of the kitchen (which is quite small). 
 Such cute, very well behaved, busy bees (and some busy bee graduates).

 Learning about the dough rising spot. 
 Then, we all went to a table to roll out our own baguettes.  
 We had one that looked like a stocking, a bone, some fat, some thin. 
Sisters - alike, yet SO different.   
Then our baker helpers carved their names in their baguette.
 Waiting patiently for the bread to cook and for the cookies to come.  I had a lady (retired school teacher) in a booth nearby tell me what a well behaved group of kids we had.

 Next they all got to decorate a sugar cookie.  
Tip: the bakers told us they turn their cookies over and ice the bottom, that way they get a flat surface to work with, and they can get more icing on each cookie.  Clever.

 Adding mini M&M's and a star candy.
White icing lines finishes off their sugary masterpieces.
 Only a few M&M's made it on Margaret's cookie.  She devoured them as fast as she could - two fists and all. :)
The finished product.  The baguette's tasted as good as they look too. 
Yet another fun, and tasty, field trip.

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