The Little House

I had the kids our first week back after Christmas break. They seemed happy to back in school but were definitely a little tired. I had a fun time reading The Little House with the kids. I wish I had taken more pictures though. It's funny, just when I think "Oh yeah, I've totally got this under control" I remember I'm supposed to be taking pictures!

I've been trying to make singing time a little more exciting so I had the kids color stars that we could wave around for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

 Oh my, have any of you tried "cutting" with the kids? You are all smart enough to know that these cute kids are not ready for that skill. I thought it would be so fun to color and cut out stars for our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song but oh no, the kids were not even sure how to hold the scissor let alone cut out their star. Hilarious. 

 The Little House is a very long book so I let the kids get comfortable while we listened to the book on CD. 

I must say there was a precious moment when the kids all realized that the little house didn't like being in the city and he wanted to be back on the green hill. I was really surprised. All of them knew the little house was sad and they were very concerned. The moment came and went so fast but it was cute.

 The kids loved building little houses with blocks. 

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