How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Ok, I have learned my lesson!  Procrastinating this post has also made me realize that I hardly remember what we did this week for pre-school!  What I do remember was everyone really loved this book but no one wanted to stand next to the Grinch himself, except Luke. I guess he is pretty scary looking! :)

We improvised this day because I did not have the actual book to read from.  They enjoyed watching it on YouTube.

We painted popsicle sticks and decorated them to make a Christmas tree.  We practiced big to small as we made our trees.

We also made laced stockings....which was a little advanced for this group.  They quickly fizzled out. :)

Their very best grinch/grumpy faces!  I love that Margaret is still smiling, sums her up to a T.  (Sorry Luke was cut off!)

 We had a "Green Day" where everyone wore green.  We made green slime together and played with green playdoh!  
 Wearing green!  (Margaret sported a green bow) :) 

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