The Very First Thanksgiving Day

 Now I know why it's nice to post right after preschool is at your house......so you can remember it.  :)
The week before Thanksgiving we read the book The Very First Thanksgiving Day.  I honestly can't really remember much about that day. Man, I'm losing it.
 I do know that we went outside to search for our leaves to make our turkeys.
 Thursday rings a few more bells for me.  We colored our pilgrim and Indian hats.
 We make more turkeys.

 The best part - eating the left overs.
 Margaret only got 2 feathers done because she was eating her treats instead of putting them on the turkey. :)

 Our cute little pilgrims
 Brave little Indians - Trevor was refusing to wear the hat or get in the picture for some reason.
Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

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