Oh, the Places You'll Go

May 13 and 15

  You would think with 2 teachers there would be more pictures. Once again the kids 
love the morning free play.

Here are the Busy Bees enjoying the book, Oh, the Places You'll Go. 
They had questions and loved the pictures. On Tuesday the activity was moving in different ways; hopping, jumping, walking and running. Of course the kids loved doing this outside. Then for math we learned a little about estimating.

On Thursday we tried to fit in a little learning but it was mostly fun. Kelli organized a scavenger hunt.  the Busy Bees loved reading the clues and racing around with their compasses.

 They found the treasure under the slide! The treasure were cute pirate bags full of marbles 
and gold coins. The Busy Bees had a great time.

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