Green Eggs and Ham

April 29 - May 1

  I was not very good at taking pictures. The kids loved the book Green Eggs and Ham. We talk about all the rhyming words. All the kids were pretty good and picking out the words. For the activity on Tuesday we played a matching game with rhyming words.
  For math on Tuesday we counted and organized plastic eggs. The kids of course wanted to 
have an Easter egg hunt.

 For the craft we made popsicle stick Cat in the Hats.

  The kids love centers. We played with play do, did the dot painting, 
worked on the cubes, and put together puzzles.

Working so hard to make a gun out of the blocks. Boys and guns!!


On Thursday we made Cat in the Hat faces. Everyone had a different variation. The kids love working with glue and making a mess! 

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