April 8th and 10th

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
By: Beatrix Potter

I was so excited about this week, because I love this book.  I especially love the illustrations.

On Tuesday after reading the book, the kids had a lot of questions as to why Peter decided to be naughty even after the McGregor's put his dad in a pie. 

For our activity we cut out triangle carrots and put them in Mr. McGregor's garden.  They had a lot of fun with this and really got into where they placed their carrot. They have all improved so much at cutting things out and staying on the line :)

After snack we revisited Mr. McGregor's garden to measure their carrots with the cubes.  They all did really well understanding the concept and following through with the assignment. 

For the craft we painted pots that we were going to plant on Thursday!!!

On Thursday after reading the book we talked about how Peter was naughty and didn't listen to him mom. We talked about the importance of listening to our parents. We then played Mommy and Daddy says.  They had so much fun with this and really listened, I had fun trying to trip them up but they ALL had great listening ears. They had so much fun with this that we played it during our recess time along with red light green light.

For snack we talked about growing food in the garden and had carrots and cucumber with hummus, and of course potato chips ;)

Math time we did button flowers, they had to look at the number by the stem and put that many buttons on each flower. They did really well and after the first flower most didn't need additional instruction.

For our craft time we planted their pots they painted on Tuesday. They had so much fun doing this and they were very patient while they waited their turn to plant.  Then I lined them up in front of the garden they "planted" with carrots on Tuesday and took their picture. 

And book look, which EVERYONE loves!!! 

This year has been a blast and I have loved watching the busy bees grow up in so many ways!!  Thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of this.

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