Mrs. Wishy Washy

I love the story Mrs. Wishy Washy. It is a simple book for the earliest readers-- full of fun rhyme and silly characters. But it is out of print. So the first day we listened to a 1st grader read it to us via youtube. Then we acted it out ourselves. This was so fun to see! (I did record their little plays but have not had luck posting them.) Then we made costumes to take home along with the text of the story so the kids could act it out with their families.

We colored the farm animal necklaces

and made Mrs. Wishy Washy faces.

The second day I read the book Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm to them (You can find that anywhere!). So we did a lot with farms that week. Here are two of the four centers we did:

Crayon rubbings of farm animals

Letter dot to dot of the farm animals in the story (cow, pig, duck)

For math, I paired up the kids and gave each pair a bag with farm animal foam stickers inside. The kiddos then estimated how many animals were in their bags. Here they are with their guesses.

Then we opened the bags and counted how close our estimations were.

Meg/Tyson and Stewart/Blake guessed spot on!

After this we sorted all the animals and distributed them evenly to each child. For the craft on this day, they took the farm animal stickers and used them to decorate card stock barns. (See image below)

Here are the other two centers we did: 

Washing Farm Animals (They loved this!) I took plastic farm animals and let them roll them around in the "mud" (washable brown finger paint) and then they could wash the dirty animals in a soapy tub.

Little Farm Animal Free Play

This was another fun math activity. In the book, the animals do not like taking baths. So we went around the group and asked each child if they liked taking baths. As each one answered, we colored in a square on the graph to show their answer. Thankfully yes got the most votes! Not too stinky of Busy Bees! :) This was a good activity for one-to-one correspondence. 

Finished farm animal/barn crafts

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