Mike Mullegan and His Steam Shovel - Wednesday

 After we read Mike Mullegan and His Steam Shovel, we talked about furnaces (in the end Mary Anne becomes the furnace for the town hall of Popperville).  We went into the garage and looked at our furnace and talked about how it works.  Then we came in and the kids found all the vents in my house.
 We also talked about steam and turbines (pinwheels), and how they make machines run.  We tried making the pinwheel spin with the steam, but it didn't work so well.  We needed a lot more steam.  The kids got their own 'turbine' to practice with at home.
 Then we watched a little video clip of a real steam shovel at work.
 After the kids played outside, we combined snack and craft time.  The kids dug a "nice and neat" square for their town hall (chocolate cake). 
They added some mud and dirt (pudding and cookie crumbles) on top from their digging. 

 Then they added their bystanders (teddy grahams), who watched them dig their hole.

 Then they got to eat any left overs and the center they dug out.  They get to eat the rest at home.  Your Welcome Moms! :)

 Mike Mullegan and Mary Anne's "nice and neat square" for their town hall.
 Their finished projects (the diggers are from Monday's craft). 

 After our digging adventures we fed Gary the Greedy Gorilla some 'g' words, and then practiced writing our "Gg's".
 One of the moms mentioned once that the kids needed to work on cutting, so I had the kids cut out diggers.  I think they still need a lot of practice with this.  Paige was really good, but most everyone else kept complaining and saying they couldn't do it.  We talked about how busy bees can do anything if they just try. Water off a ducks back, so they say - these busy bees didn't care for cutting. :)

What a fun week.  Mike Mullegan and His Steam Shovel was a really fun topic to discuss and create with.  I think the kids enjoyed it too (not just me).   

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