Jamberry is a fun story full of rhyme and colorful illustrations. To celebrate it, we made jam!

Everyone took turns smashing the strawberries for 30 seconds. We all counted to 30 aloud waiting for our turn. Great way to get that rote counting practice in.

While the kids played outside, I had them come in and take turns dumping in the sugar and pectin. After outside play, the kids came in and taste tested different kinds of jam for snack.

They wrote their names on cards and put it under which one they liked best.

Many had a hard time choosing just one. Here are the final results:

The kiddos liked looking at our graph and could easily count the responses as well as see that the columns were the same size.

On to the craft... Heart painting.

I liked Lincoln and Ryder's heart faces.

On Wednesday, I snapped a quick pic of them during singing time.

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"...

For our Jamberry activity on Wednesday, we noticed all the rhyming words in the story. They got this pretty easily. We also practiced cutting. We went over how to hold the scissors and cut a straight line. Success. Next we tried cutting in a zig zag pattern on a sheet of paper. A little more challenging but achievable. Then I had them try to cut a circle. Still needs practice. But they are starting to get it.

On to the Valentine's Day Party!
Snack Time...

We decorated our Valentine envelopes with stickers and then traded Valentines. They really enjoyed this. They all waited patiently for their turn to pass out their treats and were so excited each time they got something! Simple pleasures...

Happy Valentine's Day!

We missed Evan, but he is well loved. His envelope stuffed full of Valentines awaits him! :)

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  1. How fun. Noah was so proud when he put his jam on his sandwich.