Dentist Field Trip

 Busy Bees went to the dentist office last week for a field trip.  First, we all watched a little video about super heroes who fight green bad guys (bacteria) on our teeth.  
 Emily and Bronwen enjoying the movie.
Next, all the kids got to help the dinosaur brush his teeth.  
 Ryder showing off his circular brushing, just like we were taught.
 Sydney cleaning dino's molars.
 Margaret (Bronwen's baby sister) really wanted a turn. 
 Blake and Evan taking their turn.  After each kid helped dino brush, they got a sticker. 
 Ava really wanted to brush his tongue. 
 Now that dino's teeth are sparkly clean, we went back to the exam chairs.  The kids watching dino go for a ride in the chair. 

 Bronwen and Sydney going for their chair rides. 

 Margaret is not afraid to try anything the big kids do. 
 Noah showing off his 2 missing teeth. 
 Paige was a little skeptical about getting in the chair, but when we told her we needed a picture of her in the chair she was all for it. 
 Another little busy bee who isn't afraid to try the moving chair.  
 Evan, unimpressed with the chair. :)
 After we learned all about what we do at the dentist, all the kids got a little prize bag with all sorts of oral hygiene goodies. 

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