Mike Mullegan and His Steam Shovel - Monday

This week we read Mike Mullegan and his Steam Shovel.  Mike Mullegan takes great care of Mary Anne (his steam shovel), and digs a nice-neat square for the town hall in Popperville.  After we read the book we talked about tools and how they evolve.
 First, we tried to put the nails in the board with our hands.  We couldn't do it. :)
 Then, we tried to use rocks to get our nails in the board.  That worked a little better.
 Finally, we used hammers to get the nails secured.  It worked! 

 Mary Anne dug a "nice and neat square" for the town of Popperville, so for math we talked about different shapes. We experimented making shapes with our nail boards.

 For our craft we used the water colors and painted our own Mary Anne.
 Centers - dinosaur puzzle
 Centers - 'magic' markers. Clear markers that turn colors on paper - truly magical.
 More centers - alphabet puzzle.
 Practicing our "Ff's" after decorating "Fran's Funny Frame" with 'f' words. For Fun!! Sorry couldn't resist using some more 'f' words.
My babies love learning about what went down at pre-school while they were away.

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