The Grouchy Ladybug

Feb 11th and 13th

This week I was really excited about the book I was reading.  The kids seemed to really like it too!!

We started off the mornings by signing in their names, before they signed in I talked to them about trying to keep the letters in-between the lines and where the "BIG"letters touch and "small" letters touch. The Busy Bees seemed to understand it overall. I snapped a picture to show their names, I think they have come a long way from the beginning of the year.

Our activity on Tuesday didn't go as I had planned.  After reading the book I handed out paper ladybugs.  All over my house I had images of the animals/insects that the ladybug encounters in the book.  I wanted them to go to each animal/insect in order (sequencing the story) and ask if it wanted to fight.  They really got into this and really wanted to "fight the images" some kids were sad because they didn't get to an imaged in time before it was "fought".  All in all we were successful with a few bumps. We also talked about how the ladybug really didn't want to fight he was just being grumpy.

I had the song Toody Ta and I am a Little Tea Pot.  The kids did great, here is a video of the busy Bees singing/doing Toody Ta

I love this one, you can see Trevor participating where he sits!!
Our art project was 2 fold so Tuesday we painted the top part of our ladybugs so they would dry and be ready on Thursday
Our phonics lesson was great Tuesday, we did Under the Umbrella and all of them had to find 'U's" under umbrellas and then hang it under my big umbrella


On Thursday after we read The Grouchy Ladybug again, we talked about how we can choose to be grumpy or happy.  All the Busy Bees decided it is better to be happy than grumpy!  For our activity on Thursday we released ladybugs and observed what they did.  They had so much fun with this.  Jaycee may or may not have had a minor melt down from the bugs. Poor girl it was like a nightmare come true.  I finally sent her to her room to be safe ;) They were everywhere, when we finally came inside I had to inspect each Busy Bee for ladybugs and we still had a few inside and one crawling down my back, ugh :( So worth it to see all of the enjoyment!!!! We sure did miss Ava this week.

Margaret was the ladybug "whisperer" of the day. She had the ladybugs crawling all over her and she loved every minute of it :)

I couldn't resist snapping this photo before I sent her inside.  Does this make me mean!?!?
After we got our fill of lady bugs we came inside and drew what they observed. For math we rolled a die and then put the number of thumb prints in each box that went with the number on the die. Sorry for all the blue fingers on Thursday.
After math we finished our ladybug art project.  On the body of the ladybug they drew something they could do to make someone happy.  I didn't get any pictures of this :( Here is Logan's finished project
I can make someone happy by hugging them
Thursday was a busy day, after the art project I had the kids decorate bags with foam hearts so they could pass out their Valentine's. After our phonics lesson (up, up and away) we all sat down and handed out every one's valentine's. It was so cute to see each of them get so excited to give everyone their Valentine. Margaret got the vote for the most yummy Valentine :)

Book look is still my Favorite part of the day, just quiet and so nice!!!

It was a great week.  I LOVE teaching all of your little ones.  Thanks for sharing them!!!




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