The Big Green Pocketbook

 My last week of preschool.  Crazy!!
This week we read The Big Green Pocketbook.  Cute story.  After reading the book, I had some grand ideas, but since my sewing machine was buried in the rubble of our kitchen remodel, those grand ideas didn't happen.  I really wanted to make them each a big green hobo sack (like I did last year), and put all the things from the story in their bags.  Oh well, maybe next year.
 Instead we made Mother's Day presents (which we didn't get to the mom's until after we got back from vacation - they took forever to dry).
 My sister-in-law gave me this awesome clay, and I was saving it for an occasion like this.

 Sorry, Luke's is blurry.  The kids punched it down to their desired shape, and then I helped them make their hand imprints.  They also wrote their own names (minus Margaret, who was off to play by then).

 When preschool is at my house, I don't even bother doing Ava's hair. :)
 Eating my carrots from the garden for snack.

 They had a 'ball' (no pun intended) with this game they made up.
 I can't believe it's been an entire year.  These kids have been so much fun. 

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