It's Not Easy Being A Bunny

We read, or rather watched, the book It's Not Easy Being A Bunny.  I was supposed to do Babar this week, but I didn't have the book and it was the night before, so I needed to find a different book.  I had an Easter craft I wanted to do, so I just found a book about bunnies. 
I thought this book was really cute.  It's about a bunny who doesn't like to eat his vegetables, so he thinks it would be much easier to be a different animal.  He tries to be different animals throughout the book, and ultimately realizes that he actually likes being a bunny.

 The kids drew a picture of an animal they wanted to be, if they weren't a kid. :)

 They all gravitate to the trampoline for outside play.
 We colored salt dough Easter egg ornaments.

 Started our Easter bunny craft.

 Thursday: talked about foods we don't like to eat and food we do like to eat.  
The kids making their favorite food out of play dough. 
Finished up our Easter bunny craft.  
Each unique and very cute.

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