Bel Air Market Field Trip

 Sorry, I'm really slow at getting my posts done, and now that I'm trying to get caught up, blogger is giving me problems.  Go figure.  
A few weeks ago we went on our last field trip to a local supermarket - Bel Air.
 The store manager, Bill, usually doesn't do the tours, but he said he has a 4 year-old little boy, and thought this would be fun.  First he took us to the produce department.
 We got to go to the "back" where all the fresh produce come to.  They let the kids try some local apple juice (from apple hill).  The produce manager explained how he orders and rotates the produce to keep everything fresh.
 Bill showing the kids where they store the cold items, like milk.
 Giant freezer
 Watching the box crusher mash the boxes into cubes.

 Meat department

 Bakery department - couldn't stay long here, because the kids wanted everything there! :)
 After the tour, the kids got a goodie bag with an apple, cookie and juice box.  Also the pharmacy gave them an activity book.
The kids love these field trips, and I think the moms enjoy them too. :)

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