Katy No-Pocket

Katy No Pocket was a lot of fun!  We started off the week by hopping around like kangaroos, on a hunt for the letter "K".  Their little hops were too cute!! These kiddos LOVE hunts of any kind.

Here they are with their pouches saying "Kangaroo!"

We made our own "jumping" kangaroos too.  We talked about how other Mommy animals carry their babies.  The kids all concurred that it was pretty cool that their own Mommies have a pouch (bellies) to carry babies and that Daddies can give us rides on their backs to carry them.

We pulled out my huge atlas book at Austrailia where kangaroos come from.  We talked about how it's an island and how it's surrounded by the ocean.  I gave them a little blurp about Aborginal art, it was of course way over their heads.  We watched this video together to teach us how to do our Aboriginal art craft.   

They were all about painting with a q-tip.  I thought they all did a great job!

I love that you can pull a ton of different themes from these books.  We spent one of the days talking about tools, as they are mentioned in the book.  I knew this would be a hit with Stewart, Blake, Luke and Trevor.  They colored some tools and matched them up.  

Loved my week with hopping Busy Bees!

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