Bishops Pumpkin Farm

Stewart getting serious about his driving, while Blake chills in the drivers seat.
 Sorry I've been such a slacker about updating this blog.  I feel like I'm behind with just about everything!
Better late than never.
Our first field trip was to Bishops Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland.  
All of these kids have been here with last years busy bees (not Stewart, but I think he's been here before), so they all knew what to expect. 

 The girls turn.  Bronwen joined us too, since her school isn't until afternoon.
 Nice new upgrade at the farm.....built-in bathrooms.  We made a quick pit stop before heading to the hayride.
 It was such a nice day, we couldn't have asked for better weather. 
Just a week before we were sweating bullets with Noah, Calli and Evan's Field trip. 
 Getting ready for the hayride.  The road was muddy, so on our way to the pumpkins the tractor started to slip down a little hill.  The wagon started to slide and nudged a fence post.  Kelli thought that was part of the ride. :)  We didn't lose any passengers, so just added to the adventure.
Searching for our perfect pumpkins.
 Ava found her pumpkin.

 Luke, who of course, would not smile for the camera. :)
 Stewart found the biggest one.
 Adorable picture of Blake and his pumpkin.
 Trevor couldn't decide, so last minute he found his perfect pumpkin. (sorry bad lighting on this one)
 Yeah, we found our pumpkins.
 I wonder what they are discussing up there?  Baseball, pumpkins......girls (doubt it)?
 Train ride (there's the sun glare again, oops).
 Noah, Ava and Trevor watching the apple machine.
 I swear I had more of Margaret (I'll have to check my other card), but this is the only one by herself I could find. 
 HUGE white turkey at the petting zoo.  Doesn't he look delicious?
 Goat crossing the bridge to the goat hotel.

 Combing, feeding and playing with the goats. 
The kids had a great time.  The only draw back is we had to cut it short to pick up, and drop off, the kindergarteners.  We didn't have this problem last year. :)  I guess that's what comes with kids growing up.

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