Curious George goes to a Costume Party


Curious George Goes to a Costume Party

I thought we had a lot of fun this week. On Tuesday we painted a big orange pumpkin. I was very impressed that most of the kids painted with in the lines that I had made. 
For the activity, I put an item into a closed bag and had the kids guess what it was. We shock the bag and then put our hands in it to feel the object. (Ava seemed a little scared to put her hand in the bag.)

On Thursday we learned the difference between a pumpkin and a jack-o'-lantern. We worked on our shapes and then added a face to our pumpkin to make jack-o'-lantern.

All the busy bees were so excited to make their pumpkins. 
(Just a cute picture of Addison, the extra busy bee for the day.)

On Thursday we made some monkey masks. 
We had 6 very cute curious monkeys running around my house.

 A group shot that was very hard to take the suck wiggle monkeys.

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