Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A fun week of colors and bears!  I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking when I did this sequence necklace with beads.  The kids did pretty good putting the animals in the right order but they got bored trying to string it all on the yarn.  It kept them busy for a while :)

All the kids but Luke said they had seen a bear.  Whether it was in their backyard, at Mammoth camping or their favorite teddy bear.

Snack.....you ladies are so good at coordinating your snack to your book.  But I always tend to not even think of snack until the day of!  Pretzels were a hit for some reason this day. :)

Craft time!  We did a red bird texture craft with tissue paper, feathers and glitter.  The kids especially liked the feathers.  They are good at gluing!

I thought these hand print animals turned out cute.  We didn't get through every animal from the book but these were the ones we did.  The kids thought getting their hands painted was tickly or pokey.  Blake especially loved his hand being painted and was excited when there was another color to do.  

"Busy Bees, Busy Bees what do you see?"  We went a scavenger hunt around the block looking for things on our scavenger hunt cards.  We found things like a stop sign, a garbage can, a squirrel, a truck, etc.  This was a big hit!

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