New Busy Bees

 We had our park meet-up day, and boy is this group different than the last.  :)
Technically, everyone is new, but we are so happy to have Kelli and Stewart join the busy bees!
 You can tell that all of these kids are second or middle children.  All of the kids left their moms side to go play (unlike last year). 
 Preschoolers: Ava, Blake, Stewart, Luke, Trevor and Margaret.
Cute boys. 

Megan made these cute get-to-know-you name cards.  I think all the kids loved them.  I know Ava still carries hers around and explains each picture to everyone. 
 Trevor listening as Megan talks about his card.

 Kelli entertaining Grant so I can be the paparazzi.
 Soon to be big sister, Margaret, listening as she is being talked about.
Yeah!!  We're so excited to start preschool!

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