1st Day of Pre School!

Our Busy Bees 2012!

Now this is one fun group of kids!  I really enjoyed being able to teach these cuties for their very first day of Pre school.  They were so well behaved.  So attentive.  So eager and excited.  On the first day, I got a lot of blank stares as I pulled out the weather chart, taught them Scat the Cat, etc.  Inside I was dying and trying hard not to laugh out loud.  Once they felt me out a little bit, and got used to the whole pre school idea, they were excited to help and take turns and do what came next.  Attention spans were SHORT, very, very short so random things got thrown in here and there like play-doh, puzzles, and blowing bubbles outside.  


 This week we read Jesse Bear, What Will you Wear?  It is a cute story about a day in the life of a bear named Jesse. It talks about what he'll wear, what he eats, times of day, and a whole lot more.  We dressed up our own Jesse Bear, found hidden bears on every page and talked about Jesse Bear's healthy lunch.

We "sorted" bears.  Mostly the kids just loved making them into a train or lining them up.

We talked about love and ways we show love.  In the book, Jesse Bear's Mom and Dad show love and care for him in different ways so every time we saw love, we held up a heart.  This was not a hit.  They mostly loved just poking each other with the ends of the heart or making the heart fly like a butterfly.  :)

Stewart helped Jesse Bear find his shirt by tracing lines and he did it perfectly!

And this is what happens when Elliott is up from nap time.  They were all so sweet to him and each wanted a turn to "sit by the baby."

I wish I had taken more pictures!  All in all, it was a great first week.  It's going to be a fun year!

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