Week 3

This week we read My Many Colored Days. The kids talked about feelings and emotions. Emily and I asked the kids to act out some of the emotions in the book.

They are jumping like pink flamingos and then buzzing around like busy bees.

After jumping, running, buzzing, kicking feet, and howling, the kids had a great time playing outside in the sand box. At one point there were five kids in at one time.

Next we made patterns with the colored bears.

The kids had fun making their own many colored day picture.

We had a great time going on an expedition looking for E's.

E for Emily - I think Emily found all of the E pictures!

Wednesday we had just as much fun, but we don't have the pictures to prove it :) The kids talked about emotions and colors again. They used water colors to illustrate their feelings. The highlight of the day was decorating Franny's Fantastic Frame with feathers, fish, fences, frogs, and lots of flowers. We had to be very careful because if we put something on the frame that did not start with an F, Franny freaked out! The kids had fun testing her to see if she would notice.

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