Duck in the Truck

This week we read Duck in the Truck. The kids loved reading the story. On Monday we learned about helping others and did a little role playing. Then we sorted and counted ducks, frogs, boats, and sheep. The Busy Bees enjoyed making their own Ducks!!

The Busy Bees loved centers- Bronwen and Paige working with money.

Calli and Sydney working with the letter magnets.

On Wednesday we worked on rhymes. I had the Busy Bees look for all the rhymes in the book and then we played a matching game with rhymes. Next we counted out the colored bears and worked on writing our numbers. Everyone had a lot of fun with the sheep puppet.

Again the fun centers- Ryder and Noah working on a puzzle.

Paige and Bronwen using the play-do.
We had a great week.

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  1. Megan, you did it - your first blog post. Way to go, now you can say you are a blogger. :)