Goldilocks and the Three Bears 3/20/14

The week of Goldilocks and the Three Bears continued. Journal time with eventful and informative, as always. It's so fun to see all of them get so excited about the things going on in their lives and hear about what is important to them. 

For the activity, we looked at emotion booklets. I made each of the kids a booklet of a bear face and a goldilocks face. They could flip through the different pages and see the emotions change. It was fun to talk to them about the different emotions the bears and goldilocks felt during the book and the different emotions the kids feel during their days. 

For the craft we colored pictures for a matching game the kids got to take home. We talked about the different sizes of the objects and who they belonged to. 

We had a great week with Goldilocks and the Three Bears! It was bittersweet knowing that it was my last week with the kids. It's so much fun to have them and play with them. They are such good kids I have loved having them for the times that I did! 

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