How to Make an Apple Pie Around the World

I was really excited to read this book and talk about it with the kids. I do have to say that music time is my favorite part of the day. The kids participate so well and it's so much fun. We read the story and all the kids could talk about was apple pie. For the activity, we went over to the maps and pointed out the different areas on the map that the ingredients came from in the book. 

As always, playing outside was a lot of fun.

For the math activity, we graphed apples. I bought red, yellow, and green apples and the kids put them on the graph to see which one we had the most of. The kids did a great job and it was a lot of fun.
For the craft, we made apple trees. I traced the kids arms and used them for the trunks and then glued the leaves on and had the kids finger paint apples on the trees. 

We had "please pass the P" for our phonics lesson. We got the drum out and patted the drum as we passed the P. The kids were so excited to have a turn with the drum, but none of them would sing with me :) 

It was a really fun day. Sorry for the lack of photos, that's all I got, but I am just proud that I took any at all!

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