How to Make an Apple Pie Around the World part 2

We continued our apple pie week and had a lot of fun doing it. The kids took a lot of interest in the ingredients and the maps this time around. It was neat to see them excited about learning more. Logan even told us, during our conversation about wheat, that he was allergic. And they kept asking to go look at the map again to see where the ingredients came from. For our craft, we made paper apples. They turned out really cute, but the stems kept falling off. 

We played outside again and did some more racing and tag. For snack, we had popcorn and dried apples. Then we got our apples out and cut them open. We talked about what shapes the centers make. Trevor's had six points, not the normal five point star. Pretty crazy. The kids counted the seeds in their apples and talked about how they could plant them and grow an apple tree with them. We talked about how two halves make a whole. We talked about where apples come from and whether they are a fruit or a vegetable. Then the kids ate their apples. 

After that, we got our pie ingredients out and made pie! It was so fun. The kids had a great time helping. They each got to put in some of the ingredients and help stir it around. Then we filled their pie shells and rolled out the top pie shell. They put their top on and pinched the sides of the crust together. Logan sprinkled his graham cracker topping onto his pie. They all did a great job. We didn't have time to do centers because the pies took too long. We did get to do our phonics lesson though. We played with pants and pockets. The kids got letters and had to put the P's in the pockets of our pants, and leave the other letters out. 
It was a busy day for the Bees, but we had a lot of fun and they had so much fun making their pies. 

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