Jamberry is a fun rhyming story with wonderful illustrations! We had a great time reading it. Here the Busy Bees are hard at work making berry pies. They glued the strips on to make the lattice crust and used do a dot paints to make the berries.

During the story we noticed many illustrations of food. Here we reviewed shapes and identified foods that have certain shapes. Some can be more than one shape (like a pie that is baked in a circle shape but sliced in a triangle shape). We sorted all of these pictures of food by shape.

For snack we enjoyed all the berries the book references-- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. After snack, each child wrote their name on a card and then placed under the berry they liked the most. We counted them and wrote the numbers.  This is our basic graph.

For phonics we made a Big Blue Banner. We taped up pictures of things that started with B and wrote the letter B by them. We talked about taping Blake up to the wall but realized that he might be too big!  Then we realized we could tape Baby Benjamin and all the Busy Bees up to the wall. If only! That could have been so much fun.  They each got a kick out of that. :)

On Thursday, we enjoyed berry smoothies for snack! 

We also made strawberries with our hand prints and paint. 

We talked about upper and lower case letters. We circled upper case letters in the all the names of the Busy Bees and underlined the lower case letters.   

During outside play, my dishwasher grew letters! We took turns finding a letter and then deciding if it went in the upper case or lower case letter buckets. 

I enjoyed teaching these kiddos. Such fun personalities! 

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