Alice the Fairy

 Alice the Fairy was a fun book to read (although I couldn't find ANYTHING online for lesson ideas).  For our first activity we learned about rhyming.  We played musical "chairs", and when the music stopped the kids found something to stand by.  We took turns with the magic wand and tried to cast spells using the word we were standing by (i.e Door Boar, Chair Bear, etc.)
 Dog (Nala sits by the back door the entire preschool) Hog
 Rug Bug
 Floor Door
 Wall Ball
Prior to going outside I told them, "Only 3 kids on the tramp at a time."  Obviously, they listened really well. :)
 We made capes for our craft.  Since I procrastinated (as usual), I had to just use what I had around the house (since it was 10:00 the night before), so I just ripped up an old bed sheet.  I figured the kids don't care if they are fancy, and they were just going to color on them anyway. 
 They had fun coloring them, but I don't think they really cared about them until Thursday when they actually got to wear them.

 Centers: Learn to write dry erase books
 Quiet books
 Hot dots
 Animal sorting (land vs. water)
 Phonics lesson: Dip that Dirty D
 They loved dipping and digging their (laminated) D's......then they let them drip dry.

 Then we practiced tracing our D's.
 Our little lefty.
 Amazing how they can be wrestling and going crazy, and then I pull out all the books and they can sit down and look at books for 15 minutes.
 Thursday's activity was handing out their capes and turning the boys into wizards, and the girls into fairies.  They loved the capes!!

 We talked about using our imagination (make believe) vs. real life.  I used the magic wand and cast spells on them to see if we could really disappear or if it was just make believe.
 Steward disappearing
 Testing the capes to see if they could make them run faster.
 They turned into different animals.
 We tried flying too.

 Thursday's craft was making crowns like Alice did for her dad in the book.

Yes, Ava is still in her pajamas and her hair is everywhere - she didn't want to get dressed this day. :)
The kids loved playing in their capes and are generally great during all of preschool.  I had fun with them.

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