Jack and the Beanstalk - Part 2

In the book Jack and the Beanstalk (in case you forgot like I did), Jack climbs the beanstalk to a castle in the sky.  After he meets the Giant, he takes the chicken that lays the golden eggs and the magical harp.  After we read the book, all the kids got to climb the beanstalk and retrieve their golden egg. 

 Some of them were a little hesitant to go to the top, so the Giant (me) handed the egg to them on the ladder.

 Enjoying the goodies that were found inside the golden eggs.
Since it was raining outside, we had quite a few entertaining puppet shows.  Sam the snake, Larry the Lizard and quite a few golden-egg-laying birds made their debut.

 We ate 'Giant' carrots on a specially made train.
 "Choo Choo"
 We made bunny/chicken finger puppets.  Most of them looked like crazy alien puppets because of their color choices, but that's what makes them original.
We had a great time this week.  A little crazy at times, but nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected.

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