Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas
We had a great week at preschool following the Thanksgiving holiday! The kids were so excited to read Twas the Night Before Christmas and learn Christmas songs for our field trip next week. We talked about what we wanted for Christmas during writers workshop. I want a clean house and someone wants a spider – I wish I could remember who it was! Noah was really exicted about his new bunk bed and Bronwen was lucky that she had pumpkin pie for dessert last night! After snack we took a picture of our multicolored tongues from the fruit roll-ups. On Friday we were able to make cookies and eat them for snack!
During math we talked about the countdown until Christmas. Emily helped us make the Christmas chain to help us with the countdown. We ran out of red and green construction paper, so only two lucky preschoolers were able to take home a chain (the last ones to leave on Friday J). It was a fun project, so if you have construction paper – maybe you can make some at home.

During craft time, we were all tempted by mini marshmallow snowmen. Luckily there were a few marshmallows left after making the snowmen so we were all able to enjoy a handful. The kids did great placing the marshmallows all around the snowman they colored. They counted the dots for the buttons, eyes, and mouth.
The kids also did great with making their very own snowflakes. Emily decorated her entire wall, so the kids saw some beautiful examples. Everyone was very responsible with the scissors and no one cut their hair! They really enjoyed unfolding their paper to see their creation. The kids cut lots of shapes in their snowflakes like triangles, diamonds, and squares.
We had fun with the phonics lessons. We learned about the letters U and V. We were able to use an umbrella and go on a Very V Vacation. Calli really wants a volcano picture! This was a fabulous week and we had a blast working on Christmas and winter themed projects. Thank you everyone for coming on Friday instead of Wednesday.
 Next week is the field trip to Krispy Kreme and caroling to sisters in the ward!

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