Krispy Kreme Field Trip

Our last field trip was to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  
 Everyone, big and small, enjoyed our field trip destination. Ryan is just one of many "little busy bees" that accompany us on these excursions.
The boys checking out the machines and sugar that make the doughnuts.

Susan taught us where doughnuts came from and how they got their name.  She also taught us the difference between a ring doughnut and a shell doughnut. 
Look how good these kids are. They all did really well during the tour.  They listened and didn't try to touch the machines.  What good kids!
Going behind the scenes.
We got to see all the different kinds of doughnuts they make (i.e. red velvet, lemon, filled, glazed, dipped, seasonal, etc.).  I was surprised at the variety, but I still think the glazed is the best - granted I've only tried 2 or 3 other kinds. Not a qualified judge, I know.
Learning how they fill the shell doughnuts.
Watching how they dip the chocolate doughnuts.  Don't you just want to put a finger in that huge bowl of chocolate and take a lick? Good thing I don't work there.
Learning about the doughnut machine that flips the doughnuts over to cook on both sides.
The kids all got a small piece of dough to feel and stretch.
And the best part............testing the merchandise!
All the kids got a free chocolate dipped sprinkle doughnut. YUMMY!

Sydney was pleased with the product.
Afterward we took some doughnuts and a card to a couple elderly ladies.  The kids sang Jingle Bells to them as well.
All the kids took turns ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door. :)  If she wasn't awake before, she definitely was after we showed up.

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