Halloween Party

I had a beautiful butterfly (Bronwen), a Hello Kitty Witch (Paige), a viscous pirate (Evan), an adorable cat (Sydney), a cute Little Red Riding Hood (Calli), a happy Luigi (Lincoln), and an angry bird (Noah) all come to pre-school to learn some {Halloween} tricks.  
(We missed little Ryder, but glad he didn't come give us the pukies)

We started off the morning with a healthy game of [hanging doughnut eating]. The kids got pretty good at using their tongues to control the moving target. I think I enjoyed watching them as much as they did playing/eating it.

The boys turn.  Lincoln and Paige were probably the best (didn't cheat and use their hands) at eating the moving target. 

We had some free play, and again, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them interact.  I hear a lot of "come home on time, sweetie" and "i'm going to marry lincoln".  A few "you're going to jail" and "you're the bad guys" from the boys. 

Sweet 4 year old crush. 

We played pin the face on the Jack-o-lantern.  Actually we tried to make a face on the door - blind folded and a little dizzy. 

Witch broom party favors, filled with fun and yummy goodies.
Our craft turned out cute - I thought.  I used their names that they signed in with, and cut them out.  The kids helped me glue them on and then 'sort of' helped me cut out the arms, legs and head.  Then the kids glued the head and extremities onto their name skeletons. 
We were all a little crazy, but I didn't expect anything less.  I was told a few time (mainly from the girls) what we were SUPPOSED to be doing, and I had to explain that today was a special day and we would return to our NORMAL activities on Wednesday.  


  1. Guaranteed Syd was the one bossing you around telling you what you were "supposed" to be doing....I get that a lot at home. That girl needs to lighten up a bit! ;) What a cute Halloween day!

  2. We loved the skeleton craft and promptly put it up to decorate for our party at home. Great Halloween day!