Week 1 Over and Done - Way to go Michal!

I had to post these pictures, mainly so you could see their funny personalities.  I was literally laughing out loud (I'm not going to type lol, because it's always thrown out there so casually :) ) Check out Bronwen - she's got her hands behind her head and just chilling out. Not a care in the world for that little miss.  Evan was digging for some treasures in a few of them.  But Paige, oh my, that girl wins.  Look at her expressions.  So funny.  I love it. 

Michal reading to our Busy Bees.  
Michal, what a wonderful job you did to start us off! Noah's been talking about it all week.

I was going to mention that you ladies can post whenever you want.  You don't have to wait until your week to do a post.  Also, I like to take pictures of my kid's artwork, and then when a few months has passed and they end up in the garbage somehow, I have record of them.  I made a tab up at the top for you to download your child's artwork, so that way it will be on here for when I make a book at the end of the year.  For those of you who aren't bloggers, or who save the artwork forever like a good mom should, you can just ignore me.  

Adding pictures to the tab pages is just like adding a new post.  Click on new post, then go to edit pages, find the arts and crafts page and click edit*.  Add your pictures**, click on the pictures and when the table appears click on small (there will be LOTS of art as we get going, so we'd better keep them small images), then click publish.  Need help, let me know or you can email them to me and I can add them.  

*The tab pages are one page documents that you can continue to add to, but it's not a new post each time, so just be careful not to delete someone else's pictures when you're in the page adding your images.  If you do, we won't tare and feather you.  I promise. 

**Make sure your child's name is on there somewhere, so we know who the masterpiece belongs to. 

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