Schools In Session

Trying to "get to know you", even when most of the kids didn't want to "get to know" anyone. :)

I hope you will enjoy this blog, and use it as a resource to learn from each others creativity and ideas.  I hope Michal doesn't mind that I use her lesson plan as an example of some ways to post about your preschool week.   

Example #1:  Post a couple of pictures of things you did that day/week and state what they are doing in the pictures.  Picture of the kids making apple pies, with caption "today we made apple pies". Easy, right?

Example #2:  Use this as your place to actually write down your lesson plan (like Michal did for us at the meeting).  You can just refer back to the blog for your notes.  You can always type it up, and have the post publish for the actual day, so if you plan it on Sunday you can have the post publish on Monday.  Don't know how to do this, I can show you if you want to.

Example #3:  Bullet style
Today we:
* Make a list of ingredients in an apple pie
* We all got to make our own apple pies
* We ate our pies!
*We used apples to learn about sorting.
* Then we used our apples as stamps to make an art page.

That's it!  You can add a picture if you want after the list.  

Example #4:  Whatever else you want to put on here.

This blog is for everyone to use, and is a NO JUDGEMENT zone.  You can say or post as little or as much as you want.  Don't feel obligated to do a lengthy post if you don't want to - if you want to, by all means do it.   Have fun, and if you need help with anything let me know.  

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  1. Sorry, I got Sydney and Paige mixed up. Pre-school is at Sydney's house next week.