Preschool graduation

Blake, Stewart, Trevor, Ava, Logan
Tyson, Luke and Margaret
*Busy Bee Preschool Class of 2014*
 Can you believe in a couple months these little busy bees will be in kindergarten?!  CRAZY!!
Preschool graduation was adorable, tear-jerking (we really don't get 2 days of quiet time every week) and so fun.  We wouldn't expect anything less, since it was Megan and Kelli doing it all. :)
The kids made these cute graduation caps for the ceremony.

Yeah! We They made it!

 Kelli thought it would be fun to trash Megan's yard with silly string. :) The kids thought it was fun too.

 The BEST preschool moms around.

 Great hit Logan!

 I thought this was a cool shot.

 Saddest part was when the silly string ran out. 
The kids did their official graduation walk, got their preschool diplomas and a cute bag filled with fun stuff.
What a great preschool year!!!

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