Room For A Little One

 Tuesday for the activity we played "Where's baby Jesus?". I hid the tiny baby Jesus, and the kids had to find him. 
 Searching everywhere for baby Jesus.  Once they found him, they had to run it back to the little nativity and yell, "I found baby Jesus". We played a few rounds of this, and since most of them cheated and took a peak while I was hiding the piece, they had a general idea where to look.
 I had my camera on regular mode, which usually works fine; however, they were all over the place so the camera struggled to find something still to focus on.  Most of them are blurry. I should have put it on sport mode. 

Crazy faces.  Luke does this creepy thing with his eyes, and it's quite frightening. 
 Strike 1
 The kids really liked the craft - little mangers, stuffed with straw and a baby Jesus.

 Thursday was all about our play.  We used the activity time to figure out parts and find costumes, math and craft time to act out the play.  It was quite the production, but the kids really enjoyed putting it together.  Surprisingly, there was no fighting over parts. 
I also tried to get another group shot, and thought I had some really good ones, finally.  Only to find out later (when I was setting up my camera for the play) that my memory card wasn't in the camera!!!!  
Strike 2
The cast ready to perform.  Well, most of them anyway.  Tyson wanted nothing to do with the play.  He sat on the couch, but after watching them perform decided to stand in for the last little while.  Blake thought Logan should be baby Jesus, because he's so small.  I was trying really hard not to laugh. 
Anyway, enjoy the show!!

Strike 3! I give up. A decent group shot is NOT happening this go around. :) 

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