California Pizza Kitchen

 What an awesome field trip to CPK!! First, everyone (including siblings) got to create their own pizza. 

 Then, we all got to tour the kitchen.  Pat was great with the kids, and let them see everything. 
 The pizza's waiting for the kiln.
The dough press. 
 The prep station.  Little did we know, those yummy pizza's were for the mommy's.  :)
 Some of the pizza's getting cooked.  They move them around the entire time so they get cooked evenly. 
 The chopping area.  All their veggies are fresh and chopped daily.
 Salad station and cooking area.
 The fridge.  Wouldn't that be awesome to have at home?!  To the right of Pat, is the freezer.  Some of the kids braved the frigid room.
 The bread slicer.
 The kids watching their pizza's being cooked.
 Brunch. Nothing like a scrumptious pizza right after breakfast! 

 CPK was great.  They treated us so well.  We all got drinks and lots of pizza.  Amazing that this was all free!! 

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