Goldilocks and The Three Bears

 What a great week!  The Busy Bees were really into The Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  Classic story that captured their attention.  A few things we did:

Bear paper chains!  They each got to pick a shirt, pants/skirt to dress the bear and then got to draw the bears' faces.

Trying porridge (cream of wheat).  Not many wanted to try but those that did loved it!
 At center time, I had one center be that the kids looked at a flash card and wrote down the letters in the word that they saw.  Here Noah wrote "Oil" perfectly!  Impressive. :)
For a math activity, we sorted little bears, medium bears and large bears to their respective sized houses. 
We went on a Goldilocks scavenger hunt finding her in the colors of the rainbow.  Kids loved this.

For a different craft we had lots of different sized circles that we put together to make a bear.  I especially love Calli's bear with blue eyes and a pink nose.

And last but never least, Emily was a huge help this week.  Here is a look at what "Book Look" looks like when she's here. :)

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  1. Thanks for posting. Noah is loving preschool!